Bruno Mantovani


  • Category / Instrument
    String quartet
  • Duration
  • Published
  • Commissioned by
    Wigmore Hall, Wien Konzerthaus, Holzhausenschloesschen, Amsterdam Muziekgebouw, Philharmonie Luxembourg
  • Dedication
    to the Suatuor Signum and Rémy Pflimlin
  • Premiere
    Paris, Biennale de quatuors à cordes, Philharmonie 2
    Quatuor Signum

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Quatuor à cordes n°3


Just like the preceding work written for the same instrumental ensemble, the String Quartet No. 3 is a somewhat polyphonic piece with similar musical material for all of the instruments. On the other hand, as in my recent work (in particular Tourbillons for two pianos), there is an attempt to refine the language. In this case, the musical ideas clash, but are developed with a more extreme logic than before. Here, obsession is the key word, whether in the quest for density (beginning of the piece) as much as for the rhythmic framework (in a central section where the periodicities overlap) or that of flow (profusion of trills common to the four instruments). In the midst of this "extremist" rhetoric with two cadenzas - one for the violin, and the other for the cello - a discourse leaning constantly toward a form of oppression, is expressed.

Bruno Mantovani

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